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The ultra-cool Windytv app will blow you away! This interactive world map weather forecast is visually stunning and practical. With proven accuracy by some of the most adventurous surfers, kiters, boaters, fisherman and pilots, this app provides you with wind, temperature, cloud, wave, rain and snow extended forecasts. Find windy place and be windguru in no time.Having Windytv at the tips of your fingers, you can check your local weather, or a get a future update for a planned journey with the detailed location forecast and nearby webcam viewing option. Powered by the data of the GFS (Global Forecast System) model, you receive reliable forecasts with a quick swipe.As an addition to the original site, this app is truly the best available like it on the market. It provides the user with a powerful presentation layer, smooth and fluid option adjustments and an incredibly easy to use interface - you can even use it one-handed! Viewing these dynamic and colourful weather patterns makes exploring the map a true pleasure.Whether you are looking for world weather, a tropical storm update, impending dangerous weather along your journey, or simply if it will rain on your garden over the weekend, this app will provide you with the most up-to-date weather forecast around. There is no doubt that Windytv is the weather channel to watch!
Features• Multiple Overlays: wind, wind gusts, temperature, clouds, humidity, low clouds, rain and snow, rain accumulation, waves, wind waves, swell, swell period, and pressure.• Altitude Options - some layers allow you to view it in different altitudes: surface; 300m, 1000ft; 600m, 2000ft; 750m, 2500ft; 900m, 3000ft; 1500m, 5000ft; 2400m, 8000ft; 3000m, FL100; 4800m, FL160; 6000m, FL200; 8000m, FL260; 9000m, FL300; 10km, FL340; 11.7km, FL390; 13.5km, FL450.• Unit Options: (wind: m/s, mph, km/h, kt, bft), (air temperature: C, F), (precipitation: mm, in), (wave height: m, ft), (snow accumulation: cm, in), (atmospheric pressure: hPa, inHg).• Data Source: NOAA’s GFS with up to a 13 day forecast (depending on overlay used).• Data is updated 4x daily with GFS.• Timed weather forecast available in 1 day increments (to use drag on top of the display) and 3 hour increments (to use drag at the bottom of the display).• No intrusive permissions required.• In detail zoom you can select from Here Maps (satellite, terrain) or ESRI topography.
Detailed Forecast for Exact Location: • Forecast: 6 day detailed forecast including temperature, wind chill, wind speed, pressure, humidity, rain and snow accumulation. • Meteogram: shows temperature, precipitation (mm), altitude cloud cover, wind speed and wind gusts.Airgram • Meteoblue data, based on the NEMS model, shows: wind and waves, wind speed (kt), wind gusts (kt), wind direction, weather, temperature. • Webcams in the vicinity. • Nearest weather stations: shows the actual weather observed - wind direction, wind speed and temperature.
Airport Location Details: • Runway info. • METARs - decoded and raw. • TAF - decoded and raw. • NOTAMs • Also shown: meteogram, airgram, webcams and nearest weather stations. • Search airports by their ICAO and IATA.
Current issues we are working on:• Localization does not work properly on some devices.• Home location setting does not work properly on some devices.
Coming Soon:• ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) model option.
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